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People’s Assembly Starts Decisive Fight to Release Georgia from Saakashvili’s Regime on 21 May
on 21 May, People’s Assembly starts decisive fight to release Georgia from Saakashvili’s regime. 74 committees of civil resistance and thousands of supporters of People’s Assembly are mobilized throughout the country”, statement released today by the executive council of the party reads.
“On 21 May 2011, at 15:00, on Freedom Square in Tbilisi and in Batumi on “Era Square” thousand of our compatriots assemble for their dignity and constitutional rights. All the people who are ready to fight till the end for the survival of our country will gather. Saakashvili’s government activated mechanisms of physical, moral and psychological terror against our activists and supporters (arrests, abductions, brutal beatings, telephone terror…) in fear of the upcoming end of Saakashvili’s government”, People’s Assembly declares.
People’s Assembly has a plan of actions, considering all the scenarios the events may develop.
People’s Assembly calls on people not to yield to provocations and to follow indications of headquarter of People’s assembly.
“We fight for democratic and free elections and we declare that only by change of Saakashvili’s regime it is possible to hold free and democratic elections in our country. On 21 May decisive fight for Georgia’s liberation from Saakashvili’s regime starts. We fight for our homeland, for dignified future”, statement of People’s assembly reads.


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