People’s Assembly Launches Protest Rally

Activists of opposition People's Assembly started gathering under the rainy skies in three separate locations in Tbilisi on Friday before marching towards the Freedom Square in downtown of the capital city.

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The Website of the Georgian Opposition TV Station Attacked by the Hackers
The web-site of the Georgian opposition channel "Maestro" was attacked by the hackers on 21 May. The general manager of the station Mamuka Glontisaid that hacker attacks were carried out throughout the whole week, but it was intensified on Saturday when Georgian opposition gave the start to a new series of rallies demanding the resignation of President Mikhail Saakashvili.

Glonti said that their experts are now working hard on the restoration of broadcasting the channel through through the official page on the Internet.

During the past protests in Tbilisi, "Maestro" conducted a live broadcast from the rally. It also gave the word to the most notable figures of the opposition - for example, its transmission led the singer George Gachechiladze, who spoke under the nickname Utsnobi (The Stranger).

The protesters will not leave the streets of Tbilisi on Saturday

Thousands of Georgian opposition supporters gathered on Saturday at Freedom Square in Tbilisi, they will not leave the streets of the Georgian capital on that day.
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Avlabridan tavisuplemabde

Opposition rally in Tbilisi: 15 people arrested
Originally posted by nukri_ge at Opposition rally in Tbilisi: 15 people arrested
 15 activists of opposition "National Assembly" detained by police in the center of Tbilisi.
According to "National Assembly" press-center, Gotcha Tshadaya was detained in Hobie (Western Georgia), Otar Anguridze - in Tskhneti (near Tbilisi), Dito Ormotsadze in Gldani (Tbilisi), Zviad Beradze in Isani (Tbilisi), Misha Gogichaishvili in Gori and Zurab Abuladze - in Terjola (Eastern Georgia) and George Kavelashvili in Tbilisi. Near "Akhmeteli Theatre" metro station recorded beating of activist of the "National Assembly" Beso Danelia. His pregnant wife was suffered also. Both are in the Tbilisi's 8th hospital.

Nino Burjanadze: revolution was launched by Saakashvili
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Revolution was not launched by us, revolution was launched by the government, Nino Burjanadze, leader of the Democratic Movement, has said at a press conference held at the People’s Assembly.

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Georgia: Pooped by Protests?
In the first decade-plus following the Soviet Union's collapse, Georgians showed themselves to be a protest-happy people. But local experts say Georgian citizens are now losing steam, with apathy taking the place of activism.
The Rose Revolution marked the high point of Georgians' penchant for public protest. Since then there has been a gradual, but steady decline in street action. And these days, people just don't seem to get as riled as they used to. The muted public reaction to an April 26 ruling by the European Court for Human Rights, covering the government's handling of the investigation into the 2006 murder of 28-year-old banker Sandro Girgvliani, offers a case in point.

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Nino Burjanadze – We’ll Act Very Seriously and Acutely
 Leader of Democratic Movement Nino Burjanadze calls on Georgian population to come to the protest on 21 May .
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People’s Assembly Starts Decisive Fight to Release Georgia from Saakashvili’s Regime on 21 May
on 21 May, People’s Assembly starts decisive fight to release Georgia from Saakashvili’s regime. 74 committees of civil resistance and thousands of supporters of People’s Assembly are mobilized throughout the country”, statement released today by the executive council of the party reads.
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EU Calls on Georgia for Renewed Reform Momentum
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 European Parliament President, Jerzy Buzek, called for "renewed momentum" in Georgia's reform efforts in order to deepen cooperation with EU.
Buzek, who visits Tbilisi on May 19 as part of his trip to three South Caucasus countries, was speaking at a joint news conference with the Georgian Parliamentary Chairman Davit Bakradze.

Buzek said Georgia should be "congratulated" for what it had achieved as a result of reforms in recent years.

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