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The Website of the Georgian Opposition TV Station Attacked by the Hackers
The web-site of the Georgian opposition channel "Maestro" was attacked by the hackers on 21 May. The general manager of the station Mamuka Glontisaid that hacker attacks were carried out throughout the whole week, but it was intensified on Saturday when Georgian opposition gave the start to a new series of rallies demanding the resignation of President Mikhail Saakashvili.

Glonti said that their experts are now working hard on the restoration of broadcasting the channel through through the official page on the Internet.

During the past protests in Tbilisi, "Maestro" conducted a live broadcast from the rally. It also gave the word to the most notable figures of the opposition - for example, its transmission led the singer George Gachechiladze, who spoke under the nickname Utsnobi (The Stranger).


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