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The protesters will not leave the streets of Tbilisi on Saturday

Thousands of Georgian opposition supporters gathered on Saturday at Freedom Square in Tbilisi, they will not leave the streets of the Georgian capital on that day.
It was announced before the official start of the protest, which is temporarily delayed due to the fact that the disgruntled authorities are continuously arriving to the center of Tbilisi.
One of the leaders of the People’s Assembly, ex-head of the Georgian State Security Irakli Batiashvili said that the opposition "will not disband, as there is a real chance to save Georgia."
"It is the duty of all patriots to be here" - he said.
The details of the upcoming actions are specifically not announced.
According to the information of the "Pirveli” agency, it is possible that the opposition will give Saakashvili a three-day ultimatum to resign. The representatives of the radical opposition are going to spend three days at the presidential residence and other government agencies.
What government agencies plan to picket the supporters of the radical opposition is unknown yet, but it is expected that the opposition representatives will announce it at the action.
Meanwhile the protest rally in Batumi has already started, which also demands the resignation of the president.


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